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August 16, 2012 at 13:51

VNet also provides hosting services to societies and independent civil persons. All of the cases are evaluated as independent. No favoritism is acknowledged. Suited resources are released to the site.  If needs are met the ‘first step’ has been taken.


Target websites are ranging from blog spaces to larger virtual machine networks. We try to meet the possible capabilities that the site requires.

Email services

From personal emailing to handling many domains emails. We can host your domains MX records and you’ll be just browsing your email. This includes also SPAM filtering for every email that arrives into the system. An webmail client is also available.

Shell access

Access to a machine where you can run your own programs in an safe environment. Connectivity to all major IRC networks. There are scheduled snapshots to ensure the machines functionality. So the machine can be reverted to an older state at any given time. Request rights for different software.

Virtual machine

For larger scale projects that need an own system for computing. This packages will be allways carefully calculated. This includes game servers, processing units and VPN tunnelpoints. Now we also provide small virtual IPv6 small machines to persons of interest.


VNet supplies an Internet cloud storage base for your files. There are client applications for Windows, Mac, Linux and Android. All your files on any Internet connected device. Just a snap away.


Please don’t hesitate to contact us via support[at]vnet(dot)fi

Below you will find some of our online companions.

Mark Kuivanen – markkuivanen.vnet.fi
Aki Ilomäki – ilomaki.tv